Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boston Tea Party

A collage from last week's "Tea Party" on the Boston Common, which I visited during my class break. I took the camera to capture the spirit of all the hand rendered type. Whole lotta passion, not much message... (click to enlarge)

My favorite...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Surprisingly Geek

From one of my new favorite blogs: Geek-Art. There's some gloriously bad stuff on the site — for example — but it is also full of surprisingly refined, graphic oriented studies from a wide variety of artists. (Click to enlarge)

X-ray Control

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Close Up Characters

Lovely Merchant

I hate advertising — it is notoriously brash, often vulgar, and almost always annoying. But while approving a song on my Pandora stream (fyi: "Phoenix" will yield a fantastic radio station in need of little moderation) I was shocked by the lovely concept, color, texture and overall execution of this Natalie Merchant ad for her new album "Leave Your Sleep." (click to enlarge)

I listened to an interview with Natalie on NPR the week the album was released and the story behind it is amazing. The album, her first in 7 years, is a compilation of 26 poems set to music via collaboration with over 100 other musicians. Many of the poems are Victoria-era stories, even nursery rhymes and lullabies. The concept of advertising her album like a collection of beautiful vintage books is, well, beautiful. Her website isn't bad either: (click to enlarge or just go there)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Whatever You Do, Don't Smile

As if the furled eyebrows and lip weren't enough, the hand says, 
"Back it up, Bunny Man, your freakishly large ear is on my head."

Can't you feel the tension in the corner of that mouth, poised to erupt into the smile they so desire — right after he whirls around, grabs the controls and resumes being captain of the cockpit.

"Thanks for the long walk to the pet store and for buying me this big puffy bed, but can you just leave me alone to wallow in it and make it my own? I'm a big boy."

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Finally here, trip home from the dealer took almost as long as it sat at the port. All is well and we won't be driving around the city at 6pm anytime soon. We will report back once we have combed over the car and stretched it's legs a bit.

Carbon Steel Grey with Plaid seats...