Sunday, September 2, 2007


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What does this drawing say about me? The first thing it says (or screams) is that I clearly had an architect draft it. Had it been up to me, I would have measured the main walls and been done with it. Good thing *boy was there to measure the windows, where the windows are, the height of the crazy wall trim, the placement and height of all the doorways and where the radiators are. I would have ended up with 3 or 4 rectangles; he ended up with what you see above, swinging doors and everything.

What else does this drawing say about me? Mostly that I like color and pattern and have a hard time visualizing 3-Dimensional space without a lot of visual aids. I've used this little plan to make a lot of decisions in the last 3 months. The most major piece of furniture that actually made the move with me was my mattress - so, what you see here was basically designed from the ground-up. After living with a roommate for 3 years, its nice to know that everything in my home was picked by me.

Now, with the last of the major home improvement projects finally completed (the second re-do of the bedroom), this plan, my home, is pretty well done. Three blue paints, a beautiful armless sofa, fantastic yellow velvet and linen curtains and a four-poster bed add up to equal one delightfully girly apartment. I hadn't set out to achieve "girly" - I was just out to create something I loved, a place that felt like home, somewhere I truely wanted to be.

I think I did a pretty good job. Pictures to come.

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