Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Children's Games

*girl's post just sent chills down my spine. Unlike most children, playing with Atari or Nintendo, I grew up in a Macintosh-only household. While others were mastering Super Mario Brothers, I was throwing rocks at bats and killing dungeon keepers with a ball and chain.My older brother and I would take turns trying to master the art of hitting mice and tin men with rocks with the sole goal of defeating the Black Knight. If only you could hear the sound effects - the whining of the bats and the crack of the whip were more lifelike than the 8 bit sounds coming from Nintendo and, arguably, much more annoying.

The name of the game was Dark Castle and it was released in 1986. I was 5 years old and had already spent 2 years of my young life on the Mac making landscape drawings with bricks fills in MacPaint and forging rivers and dying from dysentery in Oregon Trail. As the first generation to truly grow up with the computer at home and part of my life I have fond memories of these games and have a hard time relating to the Nintendo culture of many of my peers. Other notable Macintosh games from my childhood include Monkey Island, Where in the World is Carmen Sandeigo?, and Indiana Jones.

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