Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AT, Moving, Bacon and a Wedding Dress

That's pretty much life around here, these days. First off, our third article is live on AT - check it out and vote for us here!

Now the elephant in the room: moving. So we don't actually have moving boxes yet but we're thinking about them a lot. Preliminary purging and organizing began this weekend for the big move...and then we took a break and purchased couches in "Dark Roast" and curtains in "Green" for the new apartment (because that's way easier than actually making ourselves pack our existing curtains not to mention the rest of our belongings).

Also this weekend, in yet another procrastinating move to not pack, my hunt for a wedding dress officially commenced. Sunday was spent in an 80's style bridal salon on Boylston Street and last night I rubbed blisters on both my pinky toes scouring every high-end department store in the Back Bay looking for dresses. Two possibilities thus far, two more shopping appointments scheduled for this Saturday (when I should be packing).

Lastly, our long-awaited baby is soon to be born! We don't know if its a boy or a girl but we do know that the mommy's name is Posh and lives in D.C. Of course I'm talking about our little French Bulldog puppy who, hopefully, will be born in the coming week. Pictures will clearly be posted at the absolute earliest moment possible.

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