Friday, April 4, 2008

Graphic Decorator

Given my profession as a graphic designer, I lean heavily toward bold and colorful interior design. Its not that I don’t think minimal, white spaces can be lovely – they can, much like a good, crisp white paper stock – but when it comes to my own home surroundings, I like things graphic. Currently this manifests itself in the form of brightly painted walls, lots of posters, color-coded books and bold pattern fabrics. But as *boy and I plan our impending move-in, I’m starting to think about channeling my graphic tendencies in a more focused direction that we both can live with.

Wallpaper is back with a vengance these days but I think my love for it actually began as a child in my grandparents’ dining room. The entire foyer and dining area of their house is covered in this handmade wallpaper:

I love it. It’s rich, elegant, graphic and I told my mother I'd never visit again if she dared to rip it down. *boy and I have discussed the possibility of wallpapering the hallway/second entryway in the new apartment and I’m getting pretty excited about it. Here’s a little wallpaper inspiration.

From Studio Nommo, Walnut Wallpaper, and Trove.

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