Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Honorable Mention and a New Part-time Gig

Neither *boy's or my apartment made it to the finals in AT's Small Cool contest but I did receive one of the few Honorable Mentions by the Northwest judge, Philip Wood. Yea! Who knew my little blue apartment would be so well-received. Wonder what my "special gift" will be...

On a related note, we got the AT Boston job! In the end all 4 Boston finalists were hired and we're meeting up in person this weekend to discuss how this will all play out as we develop the Boston branch of Apartment Therapy. Wish us luck!

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Paul Irish said...


I'm living in Cambridge, just moved into a new studio apt, and looking for some guidance with the space and potential. Seems like you guys are busy, but I'm interested in some sort of interior design consulting.
And I certainly want someone with the apartment therapy sort of flair... :)

Do you know what my options are?


holler @ {my name} . com