Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sustainable and Eco-Fashionable

*girl's superpower is an allergy to all metallic elements. So, more out of necessity than choice, we've been searching for non-metal wedding bands. I came across a number of unique alternatives including Easy Bake Oven rings, antique ivory, and tattoos but nothing felt right and the quality and longevity of some of these options seemed questionable at best. Wood was something we talked about early on but didn't seem like a truly appealing option until we found Nicola and David Finch of Touch Wood Rings. The quality and look of the rings is amazing. Best of all, we found them just in time to get on the schedule for August when David will take an entire month to make ours rings to our exact specifications. Now we just need to decide what we actually want and design them. A few examples:

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