Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wedding Reconnaissance

So tomorrow morning (at the crack of dawn) we're off to the Lone Star State to attend the wedding of my sister's best friend. Now eye-ball deep in planning our own nuptials, I'll be taking notes. Its amazing how fractal-like this whole planning thing is, with each layer of decision making ladened with yet more and more decision making.

Last weekend we (tried to) tackle the tent decisions such as: What size do we need? How many tables will it fit? What shape is it? What kind of walls will it have? Does it come with lights and heaters? Where will we put the tent? Will we have to push the fence back if it goes in location A? If so, how far? Where will we get the tent? How much will the tent cost? Will they come survey the site before installation? How will they install it?

All that and we still haven't really nailed anything down (figuratively). But through it all we actually came across some lovely pieces of tent design - this site in particular - that don't look like plastic on a pole.

Anyway, this weekend's wedding is altogether different from what we're planning - ours is outdoors at sunset in October with dinner after, this is early morning in a chapel with brunch after - but hopefully I'll be able to glean some inspiration nonetheless.

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