Sunday, July 6, 2008

At Last

We took an early flight to D.C. with an empty doggie bag...

To fill it up with a Bacon and a stuffed animal that smells like his mommy.

We played with him for an hour at the breeder's house and then he slept the whole way to the airport.

After a quick pit stop outside of Dulles to empty his tiny bladder, we made it through security, the weird moving airport trams and onto the plane where he slept the entire flight - popping his head out to look around only after landing in Boston.

Another pit stop outside of the airport and then into the cab. He was restless and ready to be done with the traveling so we let him stick his head out of the bag...

Then he climbed out of the bag altogether.

He's been home for a little over 24 hours now and he seems to like us almost as much as we like him.

He likes to hop around our little yard and chase ants. He likes to nibble on earlobes and lay on a lap. He loves his rope toy. We've only had 2 accidents in the house and he slept the entire night, only going out once.

His favorite thing is to nap on top of us, close to our faces. What I thought was an unbearable wait was worth every, single second to have that sweet face so close to mine. Much, much more here.

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