Monday, August 11, 2008

Style Me Flattered

To say that life is busy these days would be a laughable understatement. Our little Bacon takes up nearly every waking moment at home and while he sleeps we manage to squeeze in our daily AT Boston posts (which launches officially on September 1) and plan our wedding, now less than 2 months away.

I'm trying hard to stay practical about the planning but, turns out, even a small, intimate affair comes with stress and minor chaos. So, to boost our spirits and remember out initial care-free vision for the big day, I made this little collection of images and sent it over to the *boy at work. I think its a refreshing visual reminder that all of this planning and scheduling will pay off soon and, on that October afternoon, these pictures, these ideas will come to life and we'll be able to enjoy all those decisions-made, relax and indulge in a lovely evening with friends and family.

After making it, I figured I might as well send it to the wedding blog that inspired me to do it and today she put it up on her site, Style Me Pretty. Thanks Abby!

Now everyone pray it doesn't rain...

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