Friday, October 17, 2008

Non Verbal Communication

About 6 years ago, a graphic design professor introduced me to the work of Luba Lukova - a Bulgarian illustrator who manages to create profound and thought provoking messages almost entirely without words. The thought of graphic design not only functioning but thriving without the help of written language was an amazing concept to me, then only a year into my studies, and something I have never forgotten.

Last night *boy and I went to see Luba speak about her work. I don't know what I expected from an artist lecture by a woman who relishes in not using words but it was a wonderfully succinct experience. Although her work is often associated with politics and many pieces are highly relevant to the current political scene, she views her work as universal and human.

It was refreshing to hear someone give voice to the truth that we so often forget - especially amidst these frustrating and uncertain times when its hard to see past the end of our own noses. Although we have plenty and so many others have so little, although we have our differences in religion and government, we are all the same, no better or worse than our neighbor and we must all live on this earth together. These works are not Democratic or Republican, they are the thoughts of a person, put forth for a public and open to all interpretation.

Isn't it nice to think for yourself?

More on Luba Lukova's Social Justice series here.

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