Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Day of Stasis

Two and a half years ago I covered this bulletin board with inspiration — pieces of design, photography, odds and ends that made me happy to have over my shoulder. I never took anything off. On a few occasions I added on to it, but mostly it remained static.

I cleaned the bulletin board off this morning — neatly filing away my inspiration into the same orange envelope from which I extracted it; the same envelope I filled up on the last day at my previous job. The envelope is going home this time, to an office in our dining room.

I am voluntarily disrupting the equilibrium of our lives. God bless my husband for holding steady as I move into the unknown. Teaching — new, uncharted stuff — should consume most of the fall. Hopefully some freelance will augment it. I have a deep rooted peace about the rest. I am finished wrestling with going or staying. The time for stillness is over. I am exploding with inspiration, this time from within. It is an extraordinary feeling. I can't wait to see what I do.

Stay tuned.

Oh, Bacon's last day at the office was Wednesday. He worked himself into a nap.

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