Wednesday, August 29, 2007


What does this drawing say about me? It might say I live in a 450SF apartment with a bay window and a galley kitchen on the second floor of a larger apartment building; it might also say I am a slightly compulsive architect who measured his new apartment - including the slight angle in the far closet wall - prior to moving in. After that, I drew all my existing furniture and some planned purchases in order to design my new home. I guess it is a little of both.

*girl happens to live one slippery stair and a fire door away in a slightly different 1 bedroom apartment on the opposite side of the building. She gets morning light on her plants outside the kitchen and I get afternoon light cutting across the bay windows. Between the two of us, there have and will be many home projects and countless hours scouring the Internet for home hbrdshry. I'm currently working on my man room and *girl and I are preparing to redo her bedroom (for the second time) for very good reasons. This is just the first of many home-related posts to come. Stay tuned for the very exciting post from *girl: "Oops, I went to Ikea with *boy to help pick chocolate-colored curtains and bought a yellow four-poster bed."

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