Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Birthday *Girl

This past Sunday was *girl's birthday. The following is a small list of events from her birthday weekend Bonanza.
  1. *Girl took her friends to the ICA to see the Design Triennial
  2. An afternoon picking Japanese paper at PaperSource
  3. A little shopping spree at Mint Julep and American Apparel
  4. Hanging flying shelves and here hooks in our apartments
  5. A delicious dinner at O Ya
  6. A day off from work and a Zipcar MINI Convertible drive to Mass Moca to find new inspiring art (pictures to come)
There were also a few birthday presents which I bought, not because I knew she would like them, but because they are things I wanted her to have.

Bacon Bracelet by Thwart Design
Eamz Shoe by United Nude

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